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The services offered at Primal Strength & Performance will help you reach optimal performance and achieve your sport and health goals. 

Memberships & Services

Services that maximize your strength & performance

Muscle Activation Techniques

Improve muscle function and reduce tension with Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). Memberships will include discounted MAT services.

Primal Coaching Package

Get 24/7 access to a state-of-the-art facility, monthly programming and in-person coaching during coaching hours plus discounted bodywork services at one affordable rate.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Personal coaching from world-class coaches, giving you the guidance you need for safe and efficient lifting geared towards your specific body mechanics.

Day Pass


One time entry into Primal Strength & Performance during staffed hours. 

Punch Card


Buy 8 day passes, get two free. No expiration. Access during staffed hours

6 Month Contract


No initiation fees. $100 fee for early cancellation. 24/7 Access

Month to Month


No initiation fees, cancel whenever. 

24/7 Access

Primal Coaching Package


24/7 membership plus coaching and programming. For intermediate to experienced lifters. 

30 Minute Bodywork



Reduced member rate: $50

60 Minute Bodywork


MAT or Massage

Reduced member rate: $100

90 Minute MAT



Reduced member rate: $150

75 Minute Massage


Reduced member rate: $125

What is Muscle Activation Techniques?

Improve muscle function while reducing joint pain and tension

MAT is a form of manual therapy that addresses muscular tightness by improving neuromuscular weakness. Because of stress, trauma, or inflammation, the contractile abilities of muscles will diminish causing muscle weakness. This muscle weakness will cause symptoms of joint instability, muscle tension and pain. Tight muscles and pain tells us that something is wrong, and we use MAT to identify weakness and activate muscles to improve strength and contractile ability. Once your weakness has been addressed, your joints will feel more stable, your tension will reduce, and your pain will subside. 

The Primal Coaching Package

Get the guidance you need to reach your strength & performance goals

The Primal Coaching Package is a unique service not offered by any strength training gym in town. The package includes 24/7 access to a state-of-the-art facility, monthly programming and in-person coaching during on-staff hours plus discounted MAT services. Attend coaching alongside other lifters like you, giving you community and coaching at an affordable rate.

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